Wellness & Fitness

Software Development

Over the past few years,people have become more conscious about their health and fitness.

Developers at Trancis Consulting are experts in building digital wellness and fitness apps for such peoples so that they can take better care of themselves.

Our Solutions for Wellness and Fitness Industry

Our experienced application development team is specialized in building Wellness & Fitness solutions as per the customized needs of the clients.

Fitness applications 

These applications help in planning workout,push notifications,activity log etc.

Workout and Exercise Applications

These applications tell users what exercises to do and how to do them for better fitness.

Activity Tracking Applications

These applications can count the number of steps you walked,real-time stats for runs,pace etc.

Application of Yoga Centers


Get your own Yoga application for facilitating users to do yoga at their convenient time.

Nutrition Applications

These applications tell nutritional food items having less calories for healthy eating habits.

Fitness data sharing


Through these applications you can easily access your fitness data and share with anyone,anywhere.

Benefits of choosing Wellness & Fitness application Development services

Wellness & Fitness application development services by our developers are advantageous to both, the users as well as the service providers.

Benefits to Users

Benefits to Service providers

Our Expertise in Software Development for Wellness & Fitness:

Developers at Trancis Consulting are experts in developing feature-rich and user-friendly software for the wellness & fitness industry.

Meditation applications

Meditation and mindfulness applications help you to focus on your breath,your body etc for a relaxed mind.

Mood tracking solution

These applications help users to deal with anxiety,mood swings,fear etc for a better positive life.

Sleep cycle application

These applications tell users about their sleep cycle and quality like light sleep,sound sleep etc.

Real Time Information

These applications provide real time data and analysis to the users regarding their health and body.

Wearable Integration

Connect your workout applications with the wearable devices for better access and monitoring.

Geo-location integration

These applications help users to monitor the directions and routes while walking,jogging,cycling etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can try our services with minimal payment or even free in case of successful completion of the project by us.

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 Yes,we provide post-development support as mentioned in support-maintenance contracts.


 The process is simple.

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*We share the candidates’ profile followed with the interview.

*Once the selection is done,he/she is deployed for client’s projects.

 We will provide you the replacement.