Software Development

As a leading Healthcare software development company,Trancis Consulting offers well-designed and tested healthcare applications for hospitals,labs,pharma companies etc to improve the quality of medical care and patient satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced software that is focused on providing safe, compliant and user-friendly solutions to its users.


Our Solutions for Healthcare industry

Trancis Consulting (TC) has a team of developers and programmers,having rich experience  in building healthcare software & solutions according to the clients’ needs and requirements.

AR & VR Healthcare applications


Implementation of AR / VR use in healthcare has improvised medical assistance,doctor consultation,relief to patients etc.


AI Based Healthcare applications


Artificial Intelligence based applications help users in monitoring their health and thus taking care of themselves in a better way.


HIPAA compliant development

Our developers build software & applications that follow all common regulatory standards and specifications set by HIPPA and other established regulators.



Secure Healthcare applications


Our programmers are experts in building applications that can help patients in diagnosis,taking care and improving their health condition without any problem.


IoT Healthcare solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced some sure benefits to the healthcare industry both for the patients as well as for the healthcare service providers like doctors,hospitals etc.


EHR & EMR application development


Developers at Trancis Consulting are specialized in building feature-rich & user-friendly EHR & EMR software solutions for their clients.


Benefits Of choosing software development for Healthcare:

There are a number of benefits of using technology and advanced software development  in healthcare

Benefits To Patients

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Our expertise in Healthcare Software Development

Software developers at Trancis Consulting (TC) are specialized in developing healthcare solutions for patients,doctors,labs,pharma companies etc as per their specific requirements.


Fitness activity tracking application

A fitness tracker tracks your movement,counts your foot-steps,sets and tracks progress toward goals etc.

Diet and nutrition application

This application will help you in choosing nutritional food to eat,counting the calories,meal planning and much more.

Laboratory Management Application

This application will help you in organising medical laboratories better by facilitating patient record management,analytics,reporting,billing,invoicing etc.

Online Pharmacy

Get your own online pharmacy having impressive UI/UX features for the users to buy medicines at a discounted price etc.

Monitoring applications for Chronic conditions

These applications help patients in monitoring their health,taking medications on time,sharing their reports with doctors etc.

Doctor appointment applications

Through these applications,you can either book an appointment or consult a doctor on phone through voice call or video call about your health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing policy is simple and transparent.Prices of the projects totally depends upon your requirements.We respect the money and time of our clients and do not hide anything.


Yes, you can try our services with minimal payment or even free in case of successful completion of the project by us.

Flexibility,Honesty,Knowledge,Professionalism,Quality with cost-effective services.

 Yes,we provide post-development support as mentioned in support-maintenance contracts.


 The process is simple.

*The Client shares the project requirements.

*We share the candidates’ profile followed with the interview.

*Once the selection is done,he/she is deployed for client’s projects.

 We will provide you the replacement.