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Trancis Consulting is India’s leading education & e-learning software development company.

We have a talent pool of experienced programmers and developers who are proficient in building customized education & e-learning solutions for schools,colleges,universities,coaching-centers,businesses etc.

Our Solutions for Education & E-Learning industry

Being the best education & e Learning software development company,our innovations let the learners grasp and understand the concepts in a much interesting way.

AR/VR Based Education applications

AR and VR technology enables learners to explore and learn much quicker with higher retention.

On-Demand e-Learning applications


Programmers at Trancis Consulting (TC) are expert in developing custom education applications having amazing UI/UX features.



AI Based Education applications


Get your own AI based education applications for improving the way of learning and training processes.


Learning Management System (LMS)


We provide advanced LMS solutions and applications which ensure the best education and e-learning services.


E-Learning Software


Developers at TC are well-versed in developing  e-learning portals for schools,colleges,coaching institutes and organisations etc.


Corporate Learning & Training

We develop solutions that very well fulfills the corporate learning needs and helps in increasing the efficiency and knowledge of the learners.


Benefits Of choosing software development for Education & E-Learning:

Using technology and advanced software in education system has many benefits that are given below:

Benefits to Users

Benefits to Service Providers:

Our expertise in Education & E-learning Software Development:

Education & E-learning software developers at Trancis Consulting (TC) are specialized in developing software and applications for schools,colleges,coaching-centers,organisations etc

E-Learning application development

Get highly-interactive e-learning applications for schools,colleges,enterprises for better learning experience.

Animation based application development

Animation makes lessons more interesting and helps in learning concepts easily and for a long time.

Online video based training application

Your students or employees can conveniently learn through thousands of online educational videos from experienced teachers & trainers.

Corporate Learning

Developers at Trancis Consulting can easily design custom skill-based training programs and develop content as per your requirement.

Game based learning

Improvise the learning abilities of your students and employees through interactive game based e learning applications and software.

Custom applications development

Get your own customized applications & solutions for your institutions or businesses as per your choice and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing policy is simple and transparent.Prices of the projects totally depends upon your requirements.We respect the money and time of our clients and do not hide anything.


Yes, you can try our services with minimal payment or even free in case of successful completion of the project by us.

Flexibility,Honesty,Knowledge,Professionalism,Quality with cost-effective services.

 Yes,we provide post-development support as mentioned in support-maintenance contracts.


 The process is simple.

*The Client shares the project requirements.

*We share the candidates’ profile followed with the interview.

*Once the selection is done,he/she is deployed for client’s projects.

 We will provide you the replacement.