Business Intelligence

Testing Services


The Business Intelligence testing services offered by Trancis Consulting help to validate data completeness,data quality,data transformation,meta-data testing,batch execution testing etc for effective & efficient testing.Our Business Intelligence testing includes BI dashboards/ Reports Testing, Performance Testing, ETL testing, E2E Regression and Business Intelligence Application Usability testing and many more.

Our BI Testing Solutions & Services

ETL Testing

ETL or Extract/Transform/Load testing refers to the process of validating,identifying and qualifying data while preventing data loss & duplicate records.

Data warehouse Testing

Data Warehouse testing involves comparing large volumes of data such as databases, flat files etc and data encryption and backup implementation.

OLAP Testing

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is the technology for data discovery, report viewing,complex analytical calculations and much more.

BI Report Testing

This helps organisations in improving their performance,analyzing & interpreting reports better for enhanced decision making.

Stress Testing


Stress Testing verifies stability & performance of software application under extremely heavy load and adverse conditions.

BI Security testing

BI applications also have authentication and authorization security features like sign-in security,integrated security,report access security etc.

BI Regression testing

BI Regression testing includes regression testing of report data,report format,report database query,report performance,security etc.

Reliability/Recovery Testing

This testing is done to verify whether the application is able to recover to its normal state after a failure or sudden crash or faces any problems in recovering.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Yes,we provide post-development support as mentioned in support-maintenance contracts.


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